Mutual respect and appreciation, a focus on customer requirements and sustainability: These are our success factors.

In all our decisions, man takes priority over machine. For this reason we apply the highest standards in quality, work safety and environmental protection. We offer our customers the best quality at reasonable prices. We set a high value on customer orientation and a flexible approach to individual needs.

Time and again, we prove that we are ahead of the competition. Not only do we owe this to our customers, we also want them to profit fully from our products and product benefits. A cooperative relationship with our customers and suppliers is a crucial part of our philosophy.

Employee development, health and safety

Our objectives can only be achieved if creativity and innovation are actively pursued. Therefore we are committed to furthering our employees’ development by offering them both initial and further training. At the same time we set a high value on the well-being of our employees. If our employees do not feel safe at their workplace, we cannot keep our promises to the customer. Therefore, health protection and occupational and operational safety are a top priority for us and we are constantly working on our compliance with and improvement of these goals.

Environment and sustainability

The environment is the basis of our existence. It deserves special protection. We are aware of our responsibility and work consistently on maintaining and improving the environment through the optimal deployment of our skills. One of the means to achieve this is to improve existing processes. Thus, we are doing our part to preserve the world for future generations.

Social responsibility

In addition to our environmental responsibility, we are also aware of our social responsibility. As a modern company we try to be a model of integrity and reliability. An integral element of our corporate culture, these values are part and parcel of our daily activities. Our open information policy promotes transparency in our interactions with employees, customers, partners, authorities and society. Of course, the same standards apply to executives as to any other employee.

We can only achieve these objectives if all of our staff members are committed to our goals and contribute to them on their own accord. At Leuthold Mechanik AG, we urge our employees to take the initiative in promoting our goals and values to create a better future for everybody.

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