• Our success is based on comprehensive knowledge, innovation and the commitment of our 175 employees. HLM HLM HLM
  • A processing accuracy of less than 0,002 mm = 2 µm (micrometre) is a well-known requirement of our customers with regard to precision. HLM HLM HLM
  • During an 8-hour shift one of our thirty 12-way production lines processes 4'000 m of foil into cans. HLM HLM HLM
  • We build and produce customer-specific product solutions on an operating area of 20'000 m2. HLM HLM HLM

Shaping ideas to come.

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Highest precision in the field of mechanical, equipment and tool engineering

We are in the business of developing future-proof solutions for our customers. Thanks to our state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and processes as well as our highly specialised know-how, we guarantee first-class quality and complete operational safety for our customers’ products.

As a global leader in the manufacture of machines for the production of thin-walled aluminium packaging, HLM has been delivering top precision in the field of mechanical, equipment and tool engineering since 1974. A wide range of companies, from upmarket enterprises in the automotive and aircraft industry to quality-conscious companies in the medical sector and the food and packaging industry, have been relying on HLM’s products and services. At HLM, we place top priority not only on perfection but also on customer orientation.  

Special machines for the packaging industry

HLM has set innovative standards for packaging technology in the aluminium packaging industry that are recognised internationally.
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Metal processing

Metal processing has always been a core competence of HLM. Quality, precision and attention to detail are key to our success.
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If you want to grow, you must be flexible

HLM has followed a consistent growth trajectory, developing from a small mechanical workshop, founded in 1974, into a company with international connections. Throughout this growth process, we have adhered to the following three principles and we will continue to do so: high quality standards along the entire production chain, direct communication with the customer and individual, customised solutions.

The latest technologies, processes and manufacturing equipment combined with years of specialised expertise guarantee our customers the highest quality and reliability. We are constantly improving our quality and internal processes and furthering our product development and innovation activities to become a better provider for our customers.


Leuthold Mechanik AG
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