Know-how / Expertise

Special machines for the packaging industry

HLM has set innovative standards for packaging technology in the aluminium packaging industry that are recognised at the international level. We deliver complete, tailor-made system solutions for the aluminium packaging industry on a turnkey basis to producers around the globe.

Depending on the requirements of our customers, we take care of the entire development process, starting with the design of the aluminium cans all the way to the installation and start-up of the finished production facilities. We design every detail individually according to the needs of the customer.

The construction of complete plant systems is one of the areas we specialise in. Our production facilities are capable of producing reliable thin-walled aluminium containers of different shapes and designs, maintaining consistent quality at high volumes. This is largely due to our integrated quality control that automatically rejects damaged containers.

The modular design of our production facilities allows for quick and simple maintenance, keeping maintenance downtime to a minimum. Our extensive know-how enables us to meet the increasingly high demands of the packaging industry. We balance competing demands on packaging with a smart combination of various product characteristics such as thickness, height, diameter, form, etc.

Metal processing

Metal processing has always been a core competence of HLM. Quality, precision and attention to detail are key to our success.

Thanks to our extensive experience, we meet the highest standards in terms of accuracy and surface finish. Working with accuracies in the micrometre range, we meet our promise to our customers.

To be able to achieve this level of quality, all our production processes are optimised down to the last detail and coordinated with each other. Our employees are all aware of their responsibilities as well as their contribution to our common goal.

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